Sweet Chinese Brides: You Will Be Impressed

Sweet Chinese Brides: You Will Be Impressed

China is an amazing country with unique traditions, plentiful places to visit, and beautiful nature. Indeed, this country is worth visiting. But there is one thing that attracts foreign men to the country: amazing Chinese brides. If you want to learn more about these brides, keep reading.

What Do These Brides Look Like and What Is Their Personality?

“There are no ugly women, there are just lazy women” – this proverb has been pushing Chinese mail order brides into madness for thousands of years in pursuit of an ideal appearance. 

China, despite all its progressiveness and speed of development, is a country where public opinion is given much more importance than in the West. Strong social pressure in ancient China led to the fact that the women not only wanted to be beautiful but were obliged to be so. The standards of beauty have undergone colossal changes over the millennia, but both before and today, they are striking in their uniqueness.

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One of the most celebrated parts of the face is the eyebrows. Perfect eyebrows are curved, bright, thin. The eyebrows have often been compared to the crescent.

The eyes of a hot Chinese bride are beautiful, oblong, with raised outer corners. Poet Li Bai compared the eyes of Chinese girls for marriage to an autumn river – dark, soft, and cool.

The Chinese mail-order brides usually have small lips. They like applying makeup, looking amazing with red lipstick. By the way, plenty of cosmetic products were invented in China, which is impressive.

The face of a woman must be oval-shaped and tapering towards the chin. An ancient local treatise on feminine beauty lists the proportions of an ideal face called “five eyes.” It means that the distance between the eyes should be equal to the length of the eye. Еhe face is divided into vertical and horizontal sectors, each of specific proportions.


As in Europe, in China, since ancient times, fair skin was valued, which was a sign of aristocracy. However, in addition to the exceptional whiteness, the skin of Chinese women looking for marriage should have had a pinkish tint, representing the perfect harmony of white and red.

Despite their natural slenderness, local women strive for even greater thinness. By the way, in China it is almost impossible to pick up jeans of a big size – there are almost no women of such a shape there.


Chinese brides for marriage have beautiful shiny hair; they devote plenty of time to take care of it. 

Surprisingly, excessive hairiness is not considered repulsive in China. In other words, sexy Chinese women do not remove their hair from anywhere.

The Ideal Beauty

All in all, Chinese beauty is not about silicone breasts, plump lips, and California tan. Straight nose, almond-shaped eyes, a narrow chin, and tiny lips are considered beautiful here. 

It seems that Chinese beauty standards are less aggressive than European ones, but both the former and the latter are achieved through plastic surgery sometimes. Often, young Chinese women, receiving surgery as a graduation gift from their parents, travel to Korea, the Asian capital of plastic surgery.

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Excellent Homemakers

Chinese women for marriage make great wives, but this is not the only argument in favor of choosing one of the sexy local ladies. Chinese mail order wives are excellent homemakers. They know how to bring up children, how to keep the house clean and cozy. All in all, discipline matters for them. So, they keep everything under control, be it a job, children, or a house. They can balance perfectly between job and home responsibilities, so their husbands are certainly one of the happiest men in the world. 


Every man would like his woman to look gorgeous in any situation. If you are looking for a stylish bride, a Chinese mail order bride is exactly what you need. As we have mentioned, appearance matters for the Chinese. So, single Chinese women for sale like to look stunningly, attracting people with their exotic beauty. Local women look great both in luxurious dresses and casual outfits due to their excellent body shape. 


Another huge plus is that foreign brides in China choose a healthy lifestyle. Natural food, sports, taking care of body and mind – this all applies to sexy local Chinese brides. So, together with such a woman, you will not only become happier but also healthier. 

Culinary Skills

For beautiful Chinese women, cooking is compared to art. They really enjoy cooking and do it masterfully. So, you will enjoy not only the amazing appearance of a woman but also her sophisticated dishes. Local cuisine is diverse, developed, and delicious. No wonder it’s so popular around the globe. You can become a happy man to enjoy it daily. 

5 Reasons to Marry a Chinese Woman

Loyalty and Strong Affection

Even though the Chinese women are incredibly jealous of everyone their partner may meet, they will never leave you (and this is truly a plus). Whatever your relationship is, she will always remain a faithful wife to you.


Despite the fact that you are not local, her family will accept you. Whatever you ask them to do, you will never be denied. Relatives will always participate in your family’s affairs.

Learning Language

This language is incredibly difficult to learn, but it is found in a family environment, with a wife who will gladly help you, this difficult task turns into ordinary everyday life. The women in China are very fond of helping foreigners with learning the language. 


A Chinese wife will happily agree to any, even the craziest entertainment. An average Chinese bride for sale will enthusiastically agree to go on a trip throughout China, as well as agree to go to the cinema, attractions, and other entertainments every day. You won’t get bored with her. Often, Chinese women become the initiators of various forms of entertainment.

What Makes Chinese Brides Different From Brides From Other Countries?

Among American women with higher education, only slightly more than one-third consider themselves careerists. In China, this indicator is approaching 2/3. In addition, more than 75% of Chinese women want to occupy leadership positions in enterprises, while in the United States there are only 50% of such women. 

So, this is the main difference between Chinese and American ladies. Nevertheless, as we have already mentioned, your legitimate Chinese mail order bride will take care of the family equally.

If you want to find a wife in China, you should also know that local ladies gladly utilize Chinese dating sites and matrimonial services. The main reason why they do this is the lack of men in their native country. They are looking for western men, being sure that family life with such a man will be much better. 

What Needs to Be Done for the Chinese Brides to Choose You?

Chinese brides are cute and mysterious. But is their deep nature so easy for foreign guys to understand?

Dating a Woman

It seems much easier for non-Chinese guys to find a Chinese bride than for local boys, as women in this country are more likely to date foreigners. If you stand up in China and look around, you can see with your own eyes that this is how things are. Even outside the country, the situation will be the same. Chinese brides are usually more open to relationships with foreigners. So if you are a foreign guy, then it will probably be much easier for you to meet your love in China.

Quite often, although this is not surprising, guys get to know their beloved thanks to the English language, whether it be an English school or a circle. Sometimes a bride can come up on the train to practice her English.

Women’s Expectations

Be ready that you will have to pay for everything… This is what dating Chinese women like.

If you go out to dinner together, be prepared to pay for the meal. It’s better not to choose the “let’s divide the bill in half” strategy. You are a man and you have to pay. Of course, there are exceptions, and some women may even ask directly to buy them something, but this is quite unusual. 

There are interesting differences in perception related to where you are from. For example, many guys didn’t expect Chinese women to give them gifts often. China is a country where gifts are often given, so everything seems to be logical, but still be prepared for this.

Expressing Your Feelings

In general, people in this country show their feelings in public much less compared to representatives of Western countries. Local people don’t often hold hands, hug, and kiss in public. Some guys complain that the first kiss comes much later than they expect. Although it came to the first sex sooner than they might think, which they are happy about.

In the West, couples usually kiss and hug openly, both in private and in public. So they make it clear that they love each other. If you want to find Chinese wife, you should understand this is not accepted in China. Understanding a partner is much more important. 

This skill was developed among the Japanese partially due to the rarity of physical contact. Some foreign guys complain that it is difficult for them to understand the thoughts and feelings of a Chinese mail order wife. This is because in China people usually do not speak directly about such things.

All in all, let’s sum up what you can do to win the heart of a bride you like:

  • be polite;
  • show that you are interested in local culture and language;
  • show that you respect her parents – that’s what any experienced Chinese wife finder would recommend;
  • be sincere: if you are lying, the bride will feel it immediately;
  • present the bride with small gifts: they like it a lot.


How to Find Chinese Bride?

The simplest option is to look for Chinese wives online. If you want to buy a bride in China, dating sites and matrimonial services provide great chances for it, as you buy for service – and get a wife instead. Chinese marriage websites are priceless for those who want to find a bride without going out.

How Much Do Chinese Brides Cost?

In the modern world, people are accustomed to buying all they want. If you want to buy a Chinese wife for money, it will be challenging, as Chinese women value real feelings. Nevertheless, dating sites provide good chances to order a Chinese bride, as the number of criteria helps to find exactly the person you need.

How to Make a First Step in Winning a Chinese Bride?

Many men dream to get Chinese mail order brides. For this, you should know how to make the first step. A great decision is to ask the woman some questions about her country. As a rule, ladies gladly answer questions of this type, which will help you to continue communication. After this, pay a compliment or two, and voila – the bride is interested.