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For many decades people from PRC (People’s Republic of China) were quite isolated and unknown. Only through movies, foreigners could see this Asian country and its population. But in the last couple of years, thanks to globalization, the internet and relatively cheap travel by airplanes, the state in general, and high Chinese women, in particular, become very popular. Some were thinking about it as an effect of a novelty or exotic, but time is passing, and more and more marriages with beautiful local women are happening.

A dating site or a marriage agency is a common way of meeting with future wife especially if you are a foreigner. Especially if you want to find a girlfriend with a highly family-oriented character, brides in this country are quite choosy when looking for a future husband, but men of different cultures are prioritized. So you can use it to your advantage.

Why Should You Date With Chinese Girls?

Women from China consider wedding, as one of the most critical events in life. It is not surprising that the Chinese woman, unlike western women, wants to marry as soon as possible. And use any opportunity to find a potential husband. Surely, mail order brides from this ancient country have their unique traits and advantages. About some of those, we will describe below.

They Are Beautiful

It is not a secret that first what caches men’s attention in woman, is her appearance. Without a doubt, in later stages of a relationship, her temper, character, and other features are critical. Probably even more important than a lovely face or long legs. But, in the beginning, physical attraction is fundamental for arose of interest and desire for dating.

Beautiful Chinese women are considered the sexiest amid all east Asian nations. They look sporty thanks to tai chi exercises and healthy food. Slim waist and firm butt is a common thing for typical women from China. The same goes for a flat stomach. The husbands of local wives are so used for women’s lean body structure that bulky foreign ladies may surprise.

The wast majority of Chinese girls have healthy, thick, black hair and bewitching dark eyes. Lips and nose are small, which is very cute. Thanks to such features, thousands of women from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and others found their way in fashion and modeling business. If you want to find a girlfriend with a model-like appearance, chose a single Chinese woman.

Woman From China is Family-Oriented

A Chinese woman is the best option for a man who wants a family-oriented wife. From an early age, local girls are taught to be a good wife, love and respect husband, be a caring mother. Both old fairy tales and modern movies, in this country, concentrate attention on the importance of traditional gender roles. From outside, it may look like Chinese brides are fully independent and self-sufficient, but it is only an illusion. Because even if women can have a good position and income, Chinese society ( including other women, of the older generation), will force local women to find a husband before 28-30 years.

The attitude of a young wife changes after the wedding. She may be cold and dominant before the ceremony, but after, the husband becomes head of a family. The same goes for decisions, her opinion is important, but the final word always belongs to man. So if you prefer such a way of relationship, contact marriage agency or register on dating sites and find an obedient Chinese woman.

Chinese Ladies are Well-Educated and Economical

Ladies from PRC are open-minded and well educated so that they can support conversation on any topic. Thus it is easy to find common interests at the beginning of relationship development. Various fields, from music and books to travel and politics, are open to discussion. You will surely learn something from pretty Chinese girls and be able to share your knowledge. A great benefit is that modern women from China know English. You can check it by registering on dating sites, and texting mail-orders brides online.

One of the most significant differences between Westerners and Chinese, says Matthew, is the attitude toward money. Chinese women are very economical and would rather spend their time than money. Local girls always try to save a penny, and although we admit that this is a good habit, it can be difficult for a western husband to become used to his wife’s frugality.

Chinese Mail Order Bride is Great Homemaker

Men who are dating Chinese women mark one particular trait in their beloved women – local girls are extremely well-organized housemakers. It is a tradition in China that from the time when a female child can walk, she starts helping  mother or grandmother in all home duties, like:

  • Cleaning;
  • Cooking;
  • Arranging things;
  • Taking care of older members of the family;
  • Take care of younger siblings;
  • Taking care of animals (is still applicable in rural areas).

This tradition is beneficial in adult life, especially after marriage and when a young wife needs to fulfill her matrimonial responsibilities. For people from nowadays western countries, looks archaic, but locals think differently. The husband of a Chinese wife undoubtedly is grateful for the preservation of this tradition. And we can easily understand why.

Matrimonial Traditions in China

Marriage and family relationships are one of the cornerstones on which Chinese society is built. In China, people think about such a union in their youth. Also, a wedding is an essential step towards social success.

Traditionally, marriage is a contract between two families and has specific rules. Below are a few ideas about “successful matrimony” that are common in modern Chinese society:

  • Marriage should be concluded at a young age. The best bridegroom age is 28-30 years old, for a bride – 26-28 years old. In this case, the man must be older than the woman, and the age difference is insignificant;
  • A future husband covers all marriage expenses. As a rule, families discuss property issues before the wedding ceremony. At the same time, the groom should be prepared to ensure a decent family life, including housing, a car, and appropriate financial opportunities;
  • “Xiāng qīn shì chǎng” is a “marriage market” in which parents agree on the union of their children. This happens through mutual friends, marriage agencies, as well as directly in public places, for example, in the park;
  • It is essential to conclude a marriage contract promptly, even contrary to feelings. That is, if the age is right, and you have not married yet, you should make efforts to agree on the ceremony.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to agree on marriage, since not every Chinese person has the necessary resources. Chinese media sometimes write about the funds spent on gifts for the bride, and then the denials. And still, it often happens that the girl’s family decides not to accept her husband, despite mutual feelings.

In this situation, dating sites and relationship with a foreigner plays the role of a lifebuoy for Chinese singles. All those rules are so strict and structured that millions of Chinese women have an account on dating sites. So don’t miss a chance to meet your love online.

Chinese Woman for Marriage

In China, you need to get married before the age of 28. If a girl has overcome this age threshold, their chances of getting a husband are reduced almost to zero. In Western countries, age does not play such an important role.

Chinese women for marriage value family and children. Many women consider those as the main goals in life. But in China, even beautiful and wealthy women, after 30 years, can not start a family. And in this case, they pay attention to foreigners, especially men from Canada, America, Europe, and others. Locals are too focused on the material. While men from other countries are ready to spend money, travel actively, and caring about the future at the same time. The views of the foreigners in this aspect are very different from the Chinese. Therefore, modern Chinese mail order wives like foreigners.

They Value Foreign Husbands

Chinese women are interested in Western culture. And foreign men are rare. So if a woman for marriage finds such a guy, she can brag to friends and family, increasing her authority in their eyes. This situation significantly increases the prestige of Chinese women. Having a foreigner helps ladies build a career more successfully. The unique appearance of a boyfriend or husband is regarded as a benefit.

Chinese women are incredibly persistent when it comes to choosing a man. A local girl can easily invite a foreign guy for a date by stopping by him and paying the lunch bill in a restaurant. Of course, all these bribes a typical western man.

Meeting Chinese Girl for Marriage

If you already decided to connect life with an amazing Chinese mail order wife but still don’t know where to find here, this paragraph will be helpful. Most of the men who have successfully met girlfriend or wives from China, distinguish such ways:

  • Going to PRC as a tourist for at least a month. You can try it on your vacation, and combine sightseeing with meeting beautiful local ladies;
  • Use services of professional Chinese wife finder. Many marriage agencies specialize in searching for a nice bride. You will save a lot of time in this way;
  • Register a profile on a dating site, and contact the preferable girls from the list. In this case, a spend of time and finances will be minimal. Plus, a variety of potential Chinese wives online is enormous.

No matter which method you choose, it’s essential to be persistent and patient because only those become good husbands, who have these two traits.


To summarize everything mentioned before, we must admit that mail order bride from China is a perfect candidate for the role of wife that any foreign husband wants. She is a family-oriented, faithful, well-educated, and beautiful woman. And most importantly, she is in a desire to meet you.

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