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Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes, gorgeous flora and fauna, and of course, beautiful brides. Local ladies are feminine and know how to make a man happy. They are caring, good-looking, and affectionate. Their mysterious charm combines with frankness. Maybe that contradiction is a key to the secret of Costa Rican brides’ allure. What else makes these women so desired? Read on to find out.

On average, pretty Costa Rican girls have tender, delicate character. They shower men with their attention and love if they have romantic feelings. Playing games is not about them. These brides know what they want and prefer to be straightforward and clear in a relationship.

At the same time, a typical Costa Rican bride knows that a man needs to be a winner, feel like a hero, savior of souls and fates. And she gives him that possibility by being tender and kind. A bride will appreciate a man who can be a deliverer of her problems, breadwinner, and shoulder to cry on. In return, she will create a positive home atmosphere and treat you like the best man in the world.

These brides let men play a dominant role in relationships and family, give their husbands caress, tenderness, and attention, and are always ready to support them with the right words. No wonder that beautiful Costa Rican brides are in demand.

Basic Things About Costa Rican Brides

Costa Rica faces some social and economic problems which influence the lives of local women. Domestic violence and poverty make local brides want to date a foreigner. Western men are associated with solid jobs, stable incomes, and healthy relationships.

Costa Rican wife may be your main treasure because of her numerous advantages.

  •  A typical local girl was brought up in a catholic family, which means she is modest and family-oriented. Christian values like kindness and sincerity are dear to her heart. Costa Rican brides make loyal, loving wives.
  • Costa Rica is a country caught between The North and South. The mix of genes and blood makes brides look special and very attractive. Their exotic beauty, well-shaped bodies, and tanned skin drive foreigners crazy.
  • Costa Rican mail order wives typically are intelligent and well-mannered. These brides are pleasant interlocutors, always ready to have a conversation on any subject. The majority of brides speak basic English, so that you might leave your worries about the language barrier behind them.
  • They are adaptable. Costa Rican women for marriage are open-minded and interested in everything new. These brides have the power to get used to the new environment, social rules, and language. For those who want to marry Costa Rican and move together to another country, it sounds like a big pro.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a caring woman with high morals who wants to start your own family and make your marriage blossom, a beautiful Costa Rican mail order bride will be perfect for you.

Costa Rican Women – Appearance And Character

Foreigners describe local brides as exotic beauties with strong personalities. They say people who live in this country are one of the happiest worldwide. It’s easy to believe it due to the beautiful, charming, and inspiring ladies living here.

A typical single woman has high cheek-bones, little nose, glowing brown eyes, and thick dark hair. These brides like to keep things natural, and you never will see them with tons of makeup on the face. Their figures are naturally well-shaped, and the tone of skin reminds of caramel. Many men find it very attractive and sexy.

What about the personalities these girls have? Every woman has her individual features, but generally, locals are easy-going, positive, calm, and understanding. There is a high chance your Costa Rican mail order wife believes that everything that happens happens for good. Local brides are joyful and don’t even know what the word “depression” means. It’s easy to live and build a healthy relationship with such a person. She won’t initiate suffering for non-existing reasons and turn your house into the battlefield. These brides are calm and delicate creatures.

One more thing about local brides is that they look and sound more European than other inhabitants of Central America. Millions of foreigners visit Costa Rica annually, which means you won’t feel like Leonardo Di Caprio on the local streets. People here are used to seeing foreigners from the USA and Western Europe. Overall, a girl from Costa Rica remains a Latina – she is sweet, family-oriented, loyal, and fun.

How To Meet Costa Rican Girls For Marriage?

If you dream of pretty Costa Rican singles, check dating websites, where single ladies search for a soulmate from a foreign country online. The first advantage of such web spaces is that brides there have good English, and you can get acquainted online, sitting in your comfy armchair. The second pro of dating tools is members of these communities often know what exactly they want and look for relationships. That fact increases the chances of successful flirting and finding love.

There is no such thing as Costa Rican bride for sale nowadays. But inside the dating community, you can pick the bride that meets your preferences. You can choose age, appearance, education level, etc. Profiles often contain enough info for you to understand what kind of girl stands behind this account. So you can easily break the ice. Modern dating sites also have sophisticated algorithms for finding a perfect match for you. To choose the site correctly, pay attention to the number of users, functionality, and reviews from people who already used it. It’s useful to think about what is your aim before you make a choice. Do you want to look for brides or just a flirt? Pick the site that matches your interests. Give preference to legit dating platforms and make sure you agree with all the terms before you sign up.

One more easy way to connect with brides from Costa Rica is social media. Use Facebook or Instagram account to search for that special someone. This method is not so robust Costa Rican wife finder is a dating site because it needs more time and patience to find the right girl by yourself, without special “match tools”. But on the other hand, you have leeway and can communicate for free.

Another tip for meeting pretty brides is going to such large cities as San Jose or visiting Jaco Beach. Girls who live there are more progressive comparing to provincials. You may meet a pretty single woman in the museum or at the concert. What about getting acquainted in the street? Local brides are often said not to talk to strangers, and especially to foreigners. They could be OK with the acquaintance if some mutual friend introduces you. Of course, there are many night clubs and beach clubs in Costa Rica where girls are easy. But it’s not exactly the type of girls foreigners search for marriage.

That’s why many foreigners find dating sites with Costa Rican wives online better option for making contact. Imagine you already found the girl of your dreams. How to win her heart? Read on to find out useful tips on dating.

Tips On Dating Costa Rican Wife

Being a gentleman is never out of style. Local brides appreciate when a man acts manly. Pay the bill, hold the door for her, and make sure she feels warm and safe near you. Good manners, gallantry, and care are just what the doctor ordered if you want to win Costa Rican girl’s heart.

Costa Rican society is all about established gender roles. For that reason, Costa Rican women for marriage are ladies in a literal sense. They expect a man to be a strong and reliable personality a woman can lean on and entrust all her joys and griefs.

She wants to get married. Just accept it. Even if your relationships are at the very beginning, Costa Rican probably thinks you might be her future fiancé. Most brides are interested in serious commitment and long-term relationships.

Don’t say anything provocative about religion. To many local brides, faith is sacred. Typical girls go to church every Sunday and try to live according to Christian laws and values.

Public displays of affection are OK. However, don’t be too passionate about the first date. Kisses and hugs are totally fine but don’t expect a young girl to agree to spend a night with you, even if she is already your bride. Many Costa Rican brides stay innocent till the marriage.

Please show respect for her family. Family means a world to a typical Costa Rican bride. She respects her parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, and waits for the same from her boyfriend. The good news has such a big family your bride knows how to care for children and create a warm cozy atmosphere. She was raised to be a perfect mother and wife.

Learn and speak some Spanish. Local brides speak English properly, but it will be a nice surprise if you learn a few phrases in Spanish. A little compliment said in the girl’s native language will show her you respect her culture. Be sure she will remember and appreciate it.


Costa Rican brides combine beauty, femininity, and maturity. They are a bit conservative, but many of them want to have more possibilities in life, fall in love with a foreign man, marry him, and start his own family. To meet your love, you can travel to the country or create a profile on appropriate dating sites and start looking for a soulmate. Don’t hesitate, be a bit assertive, make the first move but be a gentleman. Costa Rican brides are easy-going, curious, and adaptable. They make good life partners due to their positive attitude to life and delicate understanding of nature.

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